Past projects

Training Programme in response to Labour market needs within the project “Increasing the Effectiveness of Employment Policies Towards Disadvantaged Groups”

LOT2 Textile, leather, chemicals and typography

LOT3 Agriculture, food production and processing

LOT4 – Economy, administration, trade, hotels and restaurants

Business plan

“Peta Gama 2005”, EBRD (BAS) , 2013 (October-December)

“Project home for the elderly” , 2012 (October-December)

National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) , 2012 (May-July)

“BelHoney” , 2012 (May-July)


The “Economic Security” project, fixed grant (sub-grant) , 2012 (November) – 2013 (February)

“The mission comes” SMEs B2B in L’Aquila , 2012 (October)